Restore Your Balance with Sound Massage

What is Sound Massage Therapy?

Sound massage/sound body massage is a unique holistic method of working with sound & vibration. Therapeutic Peter Hess® sound bowls are placed gently on the body and used in the auric layers around the body. The vibrations of the bowls on your body bring you to a deep state of relaxation.  Sound massage is a fantastic option for those that do not enjoy regular massage as there is minimal use of hands in this method. Touch is used on the body but only to signal the placement of bowls. 

How is Sound Massage Therapy Used?

Peter Hess® Sound Massage primarily means a holistic relaxation method. As already mentioned, therapy sound bowls are positioned on the dressed body and gently activated. Peter Hess® Sound massage requires profound background information combined with a great deal of experience and knowledge to being able to apply it individually and for a personalised therapeutic sound massage.

Peter Hess Sound Massage Therapy

Peter Hess ® Sound Therapy Massage combines the power of sound and vibrations to provide a holistic healing effect in participants. This method involves the use of therapeutic sound bowls placed on and around the body in auric layers. By creating different patterns of vibrations, your body is expected to be guided and directed to a deep state of relaxation.

Everyone responds to sound and vibrations, whether it be emotionally or physically. That’s why sound therapy is a great approach to overall body and mind healing. The improved energy levels, as well as more insights, are sure to increase the quality of life of the person who has experienced it. Let the harmony of frequencies and vibrations take you to a place of calm, relief, and relaxation.

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