The Hands & Heart in Studio


Experience full body – spirit alignment

My name is Tamara I am an Energetic Therapist and Peter Hess Sound Massage Practitioner. I look at your body holistically and facilitate individualised sessions personalised to what your body requires on the day of your appointment. This can be mixed modality therapies to help harmonise your body, mind, spirit, so you can find perfect balance and full body relaxation.

I have been interested in and worked with energy all of my life. I remember being fascinated with energy as a young child and seeing the effects when sharing energy sessions with plants, my family lived by the cycles of the Moon and growing up I thought everyone felt and saw energy and lived in flow with mother Earth, her seasons and rhythms of nature.

My energy therapy qualifications journey started with Reiki in 2015, on completing Master / teacher training in 2019. Although I do not like the word Master as we are lifelong students when we work with reiki. I continued my studies taking courses in different modalities in advanced healing techniques. In 2021 I commenced ITA Integrated Therapeutic Alignment with Melaney Ryan Institute of Energy Medicine.

I am passionate about energy work, my dedication to Energy Medicine will have me on the path of continued studies. Forever the student in life, my commitment is to use my gifts to be in service to others.

Sound bowls have been a part of my home since 2013. So very beneficial for meditation and calming vibrations. In 2020 I was introduced to therapeutic sound bowls and I started on my sound journey with the beautiful Ute Coleman from Peter Hess association Australia. As Peter says: “sound will find its way”, it certainly did I cannot imagine my work or home life without therapeutic sound bowls. My studies with Peter Hess Association include Sound Massage Practitioner, Klik Sound Education Practitioner and Sound Bath Facilitation.

I know a lot of people use the terminology Sound Healer, but I believe you are your own healer and no one outside of yourself can heal you. We facilitate the space for you to come back into balance. 

When you are living in harmony and balance, with your body in complete alignment, that’s when healing occurs.

I look forward to guiding you along your path of finding Balance and sharing Sound with you.