The Power of Healing Sound Bath

What is Sound Bath Meditation?

Sound bath/sound meditation is the use of sound and vibration to help guide you into deep state of relaxation, create a gentle yet powerful experience that rests your body, clears the mind. Soothing sounds and vibrations of singing bowls, gongs and other therapeutic instruments create guided meditations to produce trance-like experiences that calm your thoughts to make you feel present in the moment, before drifting off to dream like states. Lay down, close your eyes and allow these to sounds guide you on your beautiful journey within.

What Does Sound Bath Do for You?

Sound bath utilises various sounds and vibrations to guide an individual into a deep state of relaxation. The goal of sound meditation is to give a person a gentle yet powerful experience, allowing them to give their body opportunity to drop into deep rest and relaxation. Soothing vibrations and sounds from sound instruments enable listeners to enter a trance-like dream state.

Uniquely Balanced offers sound bath for private bookings, in studio, and for retreats. For retreat bookings, please contact directly.

Weekly sound meditation

We are excited to announce our bell tent sound space is now available to share with you, we are offering weekly sound meditation in our cozy bell tent Monday 9.15am and Sunday 4pm

Join us to experience a deeply relaxing sound meditation in intimate group sizes maximum of 6 guests will be joining each session, get comfortable on our feather soft mattresses as we gently guide you into your sound journey.

Private sessions are also available to be booked out of these session times.

To organise your session in studio PLEASE BOOK THROUGH OUR CALENDAR

I look forward to sharing sound with you